Short IntroductionEdit

As you all know, Canaan Online is a MMORPG. In which you take the role of a young warrior, mage, priest or ranger.

In order to lvl up you need the fight against so-called Mobs, that have various skills and lvls. There is also the possibility to train a few pets, that help you fight in this game. Here is a guide on how to get started with the game.

Creating your characterEdit

After you have created a Gpotato account, you can login on the canaan website. The first step is to create a character, which you will play ingame.

Now there are three options.

- Create

- Delete

- Play

You don`t need the Delete option yet, since you have no character to delete. Click create and choose things as which class you wan`t to be, what gender your character is, you can change the hairstyle and the eyes, and you can insert a name for your character. Check if the name you chose is available and check if your character is as you wish. Then hit the create button, and you will return to the previous screen. Now you can hit play, and the game will load. While loading grab a cup of thea, and get ready for the game. This shouldn`t take very long, it costs me less then a minute

Tutorial Island & The BasicsEdit

As soon as you`ve entered the game you`ll find yourself on ruky island, which can be seen as an tutorial island. You can`t leave this island before you`ve reached lvl 10, and if you`re new into gaming, the auto hints will help you through this island.

1. Your character: This shows your total of HP (Hit-Points) and MP (Magic or ManaPoints) It also shows how much % of the needed experience you need to go to the next lvl. And of course your lvl. If you click on the head of your character, you`ll see that it opens a window, in which you can see you stats, and the equips that you are wearing. This can also be opened by the "C" button on your keyboard. As soon as you reach a new lvl, there will be points available to upgrade some of your stats. (See Classes)


2. Your Attack Pet: This shows the same things as your character, but then they are the HP, MP, Exp & lvl of your attacking pet. If you click on this, you see that it opens the pet window, which can also be opened by the "P" button on your keyboard. Here you can see your pet`s stats and skills, and there is a possibility to change the name of your pet. (See Pets)

3. Options: From left to right you see 4 buttons here.

- Mall/Auction

- System Menu

- World Map

- Channel

In the Mall/Auction, you can put items you`d like to sell for sale. You can input starting price, your final price, and you can choose between 12/24/48 hours of selling, which will resp. cost you 12/24/48 silver. You can also buy other items here, but this window can`t be opened while in battle, so that`s too bad, since sometimes you`re in a party, and doing nothing since you`re on auto-battle, and you want to check your auctions.

In the System menu you can change a few options like Volume and If you want beginner`s hints on or off.

The World map is really usefull, since you can easily find other players coördinates, or you can see where you are going. You can hit the little zoom icon in ther right upper corner to see all worlds of Canaan

Next is a little blue circle with a 1,2 or 3 in it. This is the channel that you`re in, and if you want to meet a friend who is in a different channel then you are, you just need to click this option and switch channels.

4. Chat: The chat is divided in different options. You can change in your left lower corner to who you want to speak, and on the tabs next to that option, you can decide what chat`s you want to hear, and what chats you don`t want to hear. If you want to whisper to another player, just click his name, or use this. *Character name*/w (replace *Character name* with the name)

5. Windows: Here you see the different windows you can open. I`ll put them in a line and write down the hotkey for you guys.

Character/Stats (C)

Bag (B)

Skills (I)

Quests (L)

Mail (Y)

Option (K)

Pet (P)

Guild (G)

6. Skill bar. On this bar you can put your skills and you potions. This way they`ll be activated by hitting a shortkey. You can also put pet traps here.

Now you know everything about the screen, and you can start your adventure. Follow the quests that you get, and this game should not be very hard. If you have any trouble with the game after reading this, Look in one of the different subjects for more detailed information, or PM me ingame (Himari, Decimo)

If you reach lvl 10, it`s best to move on to the next world, Karugarner.

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