As you all might know, Canaan has 4 different classes. The Priest, The Mage, The Warrior & The Ranger. Of course, these classes are being discussed in the forums, and here are (In my opinion) the good and bad things about all 4 of these classes

The PriestEdit

The Priest is always highly respected because they are close to god. The Priest can go for 2 different talents. The Holy Priest & the Dark Priest.

If you become a Holy Priest, you most likely focus on healing and buffing, and you`ll become really wanted for instance party`s. For a Holy Priest, I would advise to train 3 spirit and 1 inteligence. That`s because a good defense is good for a holy priest, and with high spirit, you also get a better healing skill.

If you decice to become a Dark Priest, i would give you the advise to train 2 spirit and 2 inteligence. That`s because with higher spirit, you get higher critical hits, and those are important too.

A good thing about priest is their healing ability, so they never need potions, and are wanted in party`s.

But, you have low hp and you don`t hit much. But of course, that can easily be compensated by a good set of pets.

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