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What dose my pet do?

You pet is your little (or in some case BIG) assistant in bring down the monster, and finishing quests.


When you bring up you pet menu by pressing p, or on the bar bottem left of your screen, you can choose a pet to stand beside you in battle to help you bring down monsters,

the attack of the pet is added to your attack to make you stronger.


when you choose you another pet to go into defence the pets HP (hit point) are added to your HP, This makes you able to take more hits to the head, with out getting KO'ed, ( or brain damage) the def pet can be healed by healing yourself,you and the pet become one.


This is when a little bit of all the pets stats are added to your stats,


If your pets keep getting KO'ed, there going to be upset, and need some hugs, but as there a a bunch of data and we are flesh and blood, well, that's not going to happen,

You can put you pet into the rest funchon or, pick some easy fights so you pet can feel better and be happy,

Dont forget to feet it pet cookie every once in a while, the need to eat, and this incresses the amount of damage they and hit for :D

Nikku (Teikou)

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